Liz Castelli

LIZ CASTELLI is Chief Operations Officer and founding partner of TINSEL, a NYC-based design and marketing firm headquartered in DUMBO, overseeing the project management, production design, and finance teams at TINSEL. Liz and her team are committed to driving strong results, transforming the way design is integrated into larger client marketing goals. Rooted in data and analytics, Liz uses her background in science to continually optimize the company framework and approach to client design at TINSEL. Liz graduated with an honors degree in mineralogy from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., before gaining her Master’s from Columbia University in Secondary Science Education. TINSEL is proudly registered as a women and minority-owned business
SESSION: Designing Events that ACTUALLY Meet Your Team Objectives
Breaking away from the gravitational pull of day-to-day operations for an offsite team gathering is a great way to foster creativity and resuscitate team morale. This panel will be sharing real examples of how they saw measurable results using unorothodox approaches to offsite meetings.