Dennis Finnegan


Established in 2007 to provide an entertainment lighting solution for industry professionals, Luminescence has grown to service all facets of event production. As a boutique company, we build strong relationships with our industry partners to service their clients in a professional manner focusing on customer service, attention to detail and strong technical knowledge. 

Whether you are a seasoned industry professional or are organizing your first presentation, we will assist you in whatever capacity necessary to ensure a successful event. Our equipment is clean and properly maintained and our staff are punctual, well mannered and professionally attired.

We believe that it is an exciting time to be in this industry and we are always continuing our education base and expanding our inventory with the latest technology so our clients can remain on the cutting edge at their events.

We hope that you will consider a consultation with us and we look forward to discussing your ideas with you.
Let's create beautiful events together!

SESSION: How to Create Concepts that Catch Fire and Make You Money

Experiential events are more popular than ever, and for good reason! In an increasingly competitive environment, well-crafted experiential events attract attention from attendees AND sponsors. In this session, several leaders in experiential will dish their experiences and share how they crafted events to bring in money through ticket sales and sponsorships!