Adam Aleksander


Adam Aleksander is a New York-based experiential event designer. He started out by doing underground events and creating these absolutely immersive fantasy worlds for people to step into. Since then, he’s taken all the ingenuity from the underground and funneled it into creating unique experiences that give marketers what they need and give consumers something they’d actually want to attend and broadcast. 

With a diverse portfolio full of revolutionary events for clients such as Hendrick’s Gin, Heineken, Red Bull, Sabra Hummus, Lenovo, and Soho House, he’s produced dozens of unique experiences around the globe. He works with brands to crack open their wildest imagination and corral those seemingly “out there” ideas into exciting and meaningful experiences.  Simply put, he creates excitement in ways no one else can.

i: @adamaleksander

fb: @adamaleksander


SESSION: How to Create Concepts that Catch Fire and Make You Money

Experiential events are more popular than ever, and for good reason! In an increasingly competitive environment, well-crafted experiential events attract attention from attendees AND sponsors. In this session, several leaders in experiential will dish their experiences and share how they crafted events to bring in money through ticket sales and sponsorships!